9.Include PIDL compiled result


//Creates including output of PIDL compile.

SynchWorldC2C.Proxy c2cProxy = new SynchWorldC2C.Proxy();
SynchWorldC2S.Proxy c2sProxy = new SynchWorldC2S.Proxy();
SynchWorldS2C.Stub s2cStub = new SynchWorldS2C.Stub();
SynchWorldC2C.Stub c2cStub = new SynchWorldC2C.Stub();

void Start () // You do not have to it on Start but I suggest do it from here because it is easier.
    //Set Event delegate of netclient

    netClient.JoinServerCompleteHandler = OnJoinServerComplete;

    //Set delegate that handling stub.
    s2cStub.NotifyLocalHeroViewersGroupID = NotifyLocalHeroViewersGroupID; //<- Set following function.

    //Set same function as followed.
    s2cStub.RemoteHero_Appear = RemoteHero_Appear;

    s2cStub.RemoteHero_Disappear = RemoteHero_Disappear;

    c2cStub.P2P_LocalHero_Move = P2P_LocalHero_Move;

    //attach proxy,stub to client.
    //Warning!!! If you do not attach, it will not work.    netClient.AttachProxy(c2cProxy);





//Create function for delegate.
bool NotifyLocalHeroViewersGroupID(Nettention.Proud.HostID remote,Nettention.Proud.RmiContext rmiContext, Nettention.Proud.HostID localHeroViewersGroupID)
    return true;